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In Focus 2022


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Our judge for 2022 is Mr Warren Veivers ...

For longer than I care to remember, I've had a strong passion for photography. I've always had a love of Landscape, especially in monochrome and for most of my photographic experience I've processed images and printed them in a traditional darkroom. Later, I developed an interest in Infra-Red photography that continues until this day. In recent years, I have increasingly adopted digital image- making technology until abandoning darkroom practice some four years ago.

Even so, my digital image processing incorporates ideas and techniques developed over years of traditional monochrome processing. As an example, virtually all my colour images are Mono Blends where some colours are enhanced, others subdued or altered dramatically, and some are even eliminated completely. This technique is sometimes combined with brightly blurred and sharp layers to produce an ethereal result. Some of the Photoshop techniques I enjoy incorporating into my images, include Solarization and the use of various filters including Find Edges and Dodging and Burning. These all have a strong basis in darkroom practices.

Before my retirement in 1998, photographic interests took a back seat to the building of a career as a teacher and later school principal, in such diverse locations as Gunpowder, Mingela, Yuleba, Cardwell, Mt Cotton, Carina and Richlands East. After retiring, my photographic activities, including judging, expanded to such a degree that I sometimes wonder how I ever had time to go to work.

Warren Veivers